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Published: November 01 2012, 6:20:00 AMUpdated: September 07 2022, 8:19:47 AM

As a new private seller, what kind of tools that are allowed to use and is there any reference page to help

Below is the list of bulk selling tools that a new private seller cannot use as soon as he sets up his account on eBay UK and eBay DE:


ActivitiesHelp URL(s)
General (listing tools)
BEAR (bulk listing)
Turbo Lister
Seller Manager / SM Pro
Blackthorne / Blackthorne Pro
Selling allowances

You will automatically be able to use all the tools mentioned above only after,
1) 90 days have passed after your first sale and
2) you have 10 or more feedback points as a seller (feedback points as a buyer do not count in this case)

In the meantime, please use the Sell Your Item form to continue selling.


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