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Published: May 29 2012, 11:35:00 AMUpdated: September 04 2022, 11:49:45 PM

Which categories are VIN enabled for eBay Motors ?


There might be instances when you are trying to give the VIN instead of Hull ID number while Adding or Revising listings and getting errors. One of the reason could be that the category might not support VIN and might expect the Hull ID Number instead. Just to avoid confusion, here is the list of categories that supports VIN.

All categories under the following are VIN enabled.

  • Cars & Trucks [6001]
  • MotorCycles [6024]
  • Commercial Trucks [63732]
  • Rvs & Campers [50054]
  • ATVs [6723]
  • Snowmobiles [42595]
  • UTVs [173665]

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