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Published: January 27 2011, 10:17:00 PMUpdated: September 07 2022, 5:46:39 AM

Correlate the fees from GetAccount to a specific sale/order in GetSellerTransactions or GetOrders

Starts on Trading API 705 release, GetAccount returns TransactionID and OrderLineItemID  for Final Fee

TransactionID and ItemID can be used together to find the transaction details via GetSellerTransactons or GetItemTransactions API call. OrderLineItemID can be specified in <OrderID> input field in GetOrders API to query an order details.


Here is a sample AccountDetailsEntryType node returned in the GetAccount response:

- <AccountEntry>
  <Description>Final Value Fee</Description>
  <Balance currencyID="USD">3627.98</Balance>
  <GrossDetailAmount currencyID="USD">2.68</GrossDetailAmount>
  <Memo>806 Final price: $48.69 (Fixed Price)</Memo>
  <NetDetailAmount currencyID="USD">2.68</NetDetailAmount>


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