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Published: November 18 2008, 3:41:00 PMUpdated: August 31 2022, 11:57:42 PM

When I visit, it shows "Member since" and under that "Location".  The location says that the user is from the United States.  However, when I call GetUser and look for the <Site> parameter, it says the user is from the United Kingdom.  I'm trying to figure out where the user is originally registered.  Which value is correct?

The value displayed on the eBay My World page is actually the current location of the user, and is user editable.  By going into the My eBay > Accounts > Addresses section, users can edit this value to change the country where they are currently located.

The <Site> parameter in the GetUser response reflects the original site of registration, even if the user changes their address as described above.  If you need to find out which site a user was originally registered on, the <Site> field contained in the GetUser response is the correct value.

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