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Published: September 05 2007, 1:46:00 PMUpdated: February 27 2024, 1:43:42 PM

How can I get the buyer's phone number?


Retrieving a buyer's phone number.



Detailed Description


The buyer's phone number is returned by the API under the following conditions:

  • Transaction calls - GetItemTransactions / GetSellerTransactions / GetOrders, if the buyer had entered the phone number in the shipping address during checkout
  • GetUser - with DetailLevel of ReturnAll if the buyer is registered in DE/AT/CH

*NOTE:  Due to privacy policy laws for different countries, the returned information can vary.  For example, in the statement above registration information is returned for DE/AT/CH, but the registration phone number will not be returned for DE.

If the neither of these conditions are met and you still need to get the buyer's phone number, then you can request for it via the site:

Another work around would be to require all buyers to enter their phone number when completing checkout.  You can do this by setting a flag using the SetUserPreferences API call,



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