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Mark Vandegrift, VP of Product Management, Marketplaces

"Access to eBay’s APIs is critical to the success of our continuous development cycle for our eBay offerings. These APIs allow ChannelAdvisor to build innovative features, like our support for eBay promoted listings. These innovations empower sellers with new tools to help promote products and grow their eBay business." 
- Mark Vandegrift, VP of Product Management, Marketplaces

Headquarters: Morrisville, NC
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"The eBay Developers Program provides us with the integration points to let us develop creative solutions for customers and design a workflow tailored to their needs. Without the flexibility of the eBay APIs and the assistance from the Developers Program, we would not be nearly as successful solving these challenges and working with retailers to efficiently grow and manage their business” 
- Marshall Smith, Engineering Manager

ChannelAdvisor uses eBay's new Marketing and Post Order APIs; as well as eBay's Trading, Shopping, Business Policies, Product, and Platform Notifications APIs.