The table below lists the API capabilities that are, or will soon be, deprecated.

API Method(s) Deprecation Date Decommission Date Notes
Business Policies Management API All 2021/03/23 2022/01/31 The Business Policies Management API is deprecated and will be decommissioned on January 31, 2022. We recommend that you migrate to the fulfillment_policy, payment_policy, and return_policy resources of the Account API to set up and manage all of your fulfillment, payment, and return business policies.
Finding API findCompletedItems 2020/10/15 TBD The findCompletedItems call is deprecated as of October 15, 2020, and access is restricted. 

An alternative to the findCompletedItems call is the Marketplace Insights API, but please note that this API is restricted and requires eBay Business approval for access. Please contact the Developer Technical Support team if you are interested in getting access to the Marketplace Insights API.
Trading API GetCategorySpecifics 2020/08/01 2022/01/31 eBay recommends that large sellers and developers migrate to the Taxonomy API RESTful methods.

Refer to the Taxonomy API Migration Guide for more information.
Trading API ReviseInventoryStatus * 2020/08/01 2022/04/30 eBay has found that the values returned for the Quantity and StartPrice response fields in the InventoryStatusType are not reliably accurate and recommends that the response for these fields be ignored. These response fields will no longer be returned after April 30, 2022.

The Quantity and StartPrice request fields can still be used, and sellers can leverage the GetItem Trading API call to verify that the requested quantity and/or price updates were successful.
Trading API ReviseCheckoutStatus 2020/03/01 2021/07/31 eBay recommends that sellers use the CompleteSale Trading API call to update the status and/or details of orders.

Sellers can also use the Fulfillment API createShippingFulfillment RESTful method to provide shipment tracking information for one or more line items of a paid order.

* Only a partial deprecation; please read Notes column.