eBay Trading APIVersion 1331

GetOrderTransactionsResponseType ( AbstractResponseType )

The base response type for the GetOrderTransactions call. This call retrieves detailed information about one or more eBay.com orders. An OrderArray.Order container is returned for each order that matches the input criteria in the call request.

Note: This call is deprecated and will be decommissioned on January 31, 2024. No further updates are planned for this API during the deprecation period. Developers have the option of migrating to the GetOrders call in the Trading API, or the getOrders method of the Fulfillment API. Please note that the Fulfillment API only returns paid orders, so if your use case calls for retrieving both paid and unpaid orders, we recommend migrating to the GetOrders call in the Trading API.

Call that uses GetOrderTransactionsResponseType:


OrderArray ( OrderArrayType ) [0..1]
This container consists of an array of eBay orders that match the input criteria that was passed into the call request.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use OrderArray.