eBay Shopping APIVersion 1293

Applicable values for GetMultipleItemsResponse.Item.ListingType

(out) This enumeration value is returned for advertisements to solicit inquiries on listings such as real estate. Permits no bidding on that item, service, or property. To express interest, a buyer fills out a contact form that eBay forwards to the seller as a lead. This format does not enable buyers and sellers to transact online through eBay, and eBay Feedback is not available for ad format listings.
(out) This enumeration value is returned for auction listings.
(out) Placeholder value. See token.
(out) This enumeration value is returned for fixed-price listings.
(out) This enumeration value is returned for Lead Generation listings.
(out) This enumeration value is returned for Second Chance Offers. A seller can propose a Second Chance Offer to a non-winning bidder on an ended listing. A seller can make an offer to a non-winning bidder when either the winning bidder has failed to pay for an item, or the seller has a duplicate item. Second Chance Offer items are on eBay, but they do not appear when browsing or searching listings. You need to already know the item ID in order to retrieve a Second Chance Offer.
(out) This enumeration value may be returned if the listing format cannot be determined.
(Not all values in ListingTypeCodeType apply to this field.)