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This type defines the fields for the create ad request.

Type that uses CreateAdRequest


Calls that use CreateAdRequest


A unique eBay-assigned ID for an ad group in a campaign that uses the Cost Per Click (CPC) funding model.

Required if the campaign's funding model is Cost Per Click (CPC).

Create an ad group using the createAdGroup method.

Specify the campaign to associate the ad group with using the campaign_id path parameter.

Note: You can call the getAdGroups method to retrieve the ad group IDs for a seller.
The user-defined bid percentage (also known as the ad rate) sets the level that eBay increases the visibility in search results for the associated listing. The higher the bidPercentage value, the more eBay promotes the listing.

Required if the campaign's funding model is Cost Per Sale (CPS).

The value specified here is also used to calculate the Promoted Listings fee. This percentage value is multiplied by the final sales price to determine the fee.

The Promoted Listings fee is determined at the time the transaction completes and the seller is assessed the fee only when an item sells through a Promoted Listings ad campaign.

The bidPercentage is a single precision value that is guided by the following rules:
  • These values are valid:
       4.1,   5.0,    5.5, ...
  • These values are not valid:
       0.01,    10.75,    99.99,
       and so on.
This is default bid percentage for the campaigns using the Cost Per Sale (CPS) funding model, and this value will be overridden by any ads in the campaign that have their own set bid percentages.

If a bid percentage is not provided for an ad, eBay uses the default bid percentage of the associated campaign.

Minimum value: 2.0
Maximum value: 100.0
A unique eBay-assigned ID for a listing that is generated when the listing is created.

Note: This field accepts listing IDs, as generated by the Inventory API, and item IDs, as used in the eBay Traditional API set (e.g., the Trading and Finding APIs).