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This type contains information about an item attribute (for example, color) that is appropriate or necessary for accurately describing items in a particular leaf category. Sellers are required or encouraged to provide one or more values of this aspect when offering an item in that category on eBay.

Types that use Aspect


Calls that use Aspect


Information about the formatting, occurrence, and support of this aspect.
array of AspectValue
A list of valid values for this aspect (for example: Red, Green, and Blue), along with any constraints on those values.
The localized name of this aspect (for example: Colour on the eBay UK site).

Note: This name is always localized for the specified marketplace.
The relevance of this aspect. This field is returned if eBay has data on how many searches have been performed for listings in the category using this item aspect.

Note: This container is restricted to applications that have been granted permission to access this feature. You must submit an App Check ticket to request this access. In the App Check form, add a note to the Application Title/Summary and/or Application Details fields that you want access to 'Buyer Demand Data' in the Taxonomy API.